LPG Conversion equals Fuel Economy

An LPG conversion to liquid petroleum gas or autogas as it is also known makes sense. LPG conversion means both fuel economy and environmental benefits as an alternative fuel. Petrol and Diesel fumes are amongst today's greatest sources of environmental pollution and so-called "greenhouse gases". With an LPG convertion you will not only benefit financially to the tune of hundreds or thousands of pounds each year, you will also be making a significant contribution to a greener planet. Consider the benefits of using this alternative fuel:

  • Savings of up to 50% on fuel costs
  • Reduced engine wear and servicing costs
  • Significantly reduced air pollution
  • Enhanced second-hand value of vehicle
  • You may switch back to petrol for backup at any time
  • 100% Tax Relief on LPG conversion costs for Business Users
  • Grant assistance via the PowerShift programme for qualifying vehicles

The financial and environmental benefits of running on LPG or Autogas are clear. But why gamble on the installation quality, particularly when for many customers the converted vehicle or vehicles are paramount to their livelihood? Redwood Autogas was established specifically to service the burgeoning market for Autogas / LPG conversion for petrol-engined vehicles. As a matter of pride, in all aspects of our operation we set out to establish a new standard for customer service and system installation / maintenance standards. Our entire LPG conversion operation is focused exclusively on the installation and development of LPG / Autogas systems, providing total assurance for our customer base of genuine specialist attention. This site sets out to provide some indication of our positioning within this rapidly expanding LPG conversion / Autogas conversion market sector, but cannot be expected to paint the total picture. As a further commitment to the quality and longevity of our systems, all LPG conversions now include the essential FLASHLUBE upper cylinder lubrication system to prevent valve seat wear and increase economy.