Conversion to LPG equals fuel economy

Conversion to LPG equals fuel economy
A conversion from LPG to liquid petroleum gas or car gas, as it is also called, makes sense.

Conversion to LPG means both fuel savings and environmental benefits as an alternative fuel.
Petrol and diesel fumes are among the biggest sources of environmental pollution and so-called “greenhouse gases”.
With an LPG conversion, you will not only benefit financially by hundreds or thousands of pounds and €uros each year, but you will also be making a significant contribution to a greener planet.
Consider the benefits of using this alternative fuel:
– Fuel savings of up to 50% of costs
– Reduced engine wear and maintenance costs
– Significant reduction in air pollution
– Improved value of used vehicles
– You can switch back to petrol as a reserve at any time
– 100% tax relief on LPG conversion costs for business users
Obtaining the number 1 Crit’air sticker in France in order to drive without restriction in major cities such as PARIS
The financial and environmental advantages of using LPG or liquefied petroleum gas are obvious. But why bet on the quality of the installation, especially when for many customers, the converted vehicle(s) are essential to their livelihood?
Air LPG / Zenit was created specifically to serve the burgeoning market for LPG conversions for petrol vehicles. In all aspects of our business, we are proud to have established a network of European LPG installers for customer service and maintenance of LPG systems through a number of LPG-only partners and websites that can be found by following links such as or,, or

All our LPG conversion activity is exclusively focused on the installation and development of LPG systems, which guarantees our customers a real specialized attention.
This site is intended to provide an indication of our position in this growing sector of the LPG conversion market, but it cannot provide a complete overview.
As part of a further commitment to the quality and longevity of our LPG systems such as Zenit, all LPG conversions now include the essential FLASHLUBE upper cylinder lubrication system to prevent valve seat wear and increase economy.
Flashlube is sold primarily through the LPG shop at